Digital literacy of civil servants 1.0. based on Google tools

Obtain a certificate certifying the successful completion of a basic course in digital literacy; withe the scope of 0.1 ECTS credit

Category: For civil servants

Series duration: 3-9 minutes

Number of series: 15


What is this educational series about?

The educational series covers the capabilities and features of free Google services for use in professional activities and daily life. A certified Google for Education trainer, director of the Academy of Digital Development Antonina Bukach, will help you understand all the variety of online tools. And the star guest of the educational series is the People's Deputy Roman Hryshchuk.

Why do you need it?

Course program

Series 1 - Google Calendar

Series 2 - Google Keep

Series 3 - Google Docs

Series 4 - Link shortenings

Series 5 - Google Alerts

Series 6 - Google Forms

Series 7 - Google Public Data Explorer

Series 8 - Google Classroom

Series 9 - Google Slides

Series 10 - Google Sheets

Additional Series 1 - Google Websites

Extra Series 2 - Google My Maps

Additional Series 3 - Google Scholar

Special Series 1 - Email

Special series 2 - Electronic document management

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