Research on digital skills of Ukrainians: Third edition

Every two years, we conduct a survey to assess the level of digital skills of Ukrainians. This year, we analyzed how the economic situation and social environment affect the level of digital security

Research on digital skills of Ukrainians: Second edition

In 2021, we again investigated the digital literacy of Ukrainians and here are the results after 2 years of work

Research on digital skills of Ukrainians: First edition

This is the first sociological study of citizens' digital skills in the history of Ukraine. According to the data of a study conducted in 2019, 53% of Ukrainians have digital skills below the basic level. And 47% of citizens are interested in learning digital skills

Digital Education action Plan 2021-2027

The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) outlines the European Commission's vision for quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe. It is a call for increased cooperation at European level to learn from the COVID-19 crisis, which has seen unprecedented use of technology in education and training, and to make education and training systems fit for the digital age