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Diia.Education — Ukrainian Edutainment Platform for Reskilling and Digital Literacy

Here, everyone can gain important knowledge free of charge for their own success


Diia.Education is the next milestone in the evolution of the project Diia.Digital Education. It started in 2020 and was focused on digital literacy and digital skills.


According to the 2023 research, over 56.9% of Ukrainians have at least basic digital skills.


Now the great goal of Diia.Education is not only to make a breakthrough in digital knowledge but in skills and abilities relevant to the modern world in general.

Key terms of modern education

Lifelong learning

This term means the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and the development of new skills. The modern world is changing too fast for what you learn at school or university to remain relevant for long. Nowadays, we need to learn in order to grow constantly. Diia.Education allows everyone to access the best educational practices to make lifelong learning a pleasant and easy habit


Upskilling is about improving your skills. Diia.Education has dozens of educational series that will help you become even better at your chosen field. Reskilling, on the other hand, is a "change of skill", i.e. learning a new direction. Select a completely unfamiliar profession and become a pro in it!


The simulator is an innovative method in education. In Diia.Education simulators, everyone can experience the features of different professions through stories that people of the respective professions or roles regularly encounter in real life


We updated computer science for schoolchildren. The subject now covers digital literacy, media creativity, programming, and data analysis, and includes elements of gamification, research and project-based approaches, question-based learning, and the use of various types of information resources to solve problems. IT studios were piloted in 50 schools, and starting in September 2023, all Ukrainian schools can use the materials of "Updated Computer Science - IT Studios.


Digigram is a comprehensive digital literacy test. The tasks are based on European standards and adapted by Ukrainian experts. The certificate of completion of the Digigram has already become an important addition to a professional's resume as proof of digital literacy. To prove your English skills, an employer needs you to pass IELTS or TOEFL. And to prove your digital skills, it's enough to take the Digigram

Digital skills research

Diia.Education regularly conducts digital skills surveys in Ukraine: the first one was held in 2019, the next one in 2021, and the final one in 2023.


Among the key findings of the 2023 research


  • The proportion of individuals with internet access increased by 5.4% compared to 2019.
  • Digital skills have increased by 12.6% of the population compared to 2019 (currently, only 40.4% have low skills compared to the previous 53%)
  • 58.3% of Ukrainians aged 18–70 are interested in developing their digital skills.


Teenagers using the Internet for Communication


Number of respondents using the Internet for learning and personal development


Level of usage of artificial intelligence among adults


Access to the internet has become an essential attribute of Ukrainians life for


Potential partnerships

We are open to cooperating with initiatives that aspire to develop education in Ukraine. Write us if you are ready to create together: an educational series, simulator, webinar or another project. Waiting for your suggestions!


About the network of the official hubs

Digital education hubs are a network of spaces across the country where everyone can access Diia.Education and take training for free.
These spaces include libraries, schools, universities, private companies, ASCs, and NGOs. We now have 6000+ hubs in our network (as of February 24, 2022)
Each of them is a kind of technological corner that anyone can now access
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