A joint project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, cybersecurity companies: 10Guards, Cyberlab and Moneyveo. Obtain a certificate certifying the successful completion of a cybersecurity course of 0.2 ECTS credit

Category: Online security

Series duration: 4-11 minutes

Number of series: 10

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What is this educational series about?

The world around us is constantly digitalizing. We are spending more and more time in the digital environment - services for business and entertainment, online cinemas and social networks, telemedicine and games, and much more is available in our personal computers and smartphones. We instruct our gadget assistants and Internet services to know more and more sensitive information about us, but we do not always understand what threats we may face, because criminals and fraudsters do not only act in the real world. In this course, you will learn how to minimize the risks of losing your private, sensitive information. How to prevent cyberattacks or cyber fraud and how to recover quickly after them, in case they happened. The series was attended by experts for whom cybersecurity is not just a job, but a way of life. Your cybernanny. Yakushev Vitaly, director of the cybersecurity company 10Guards. Yuriy Melashchenko, partner of the cybersecurity company Cyberlab, advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council on cybersecurity. Alyona Andronikova, director of Moneyveo.
Taras Kucheryavy, Head of Brand Management Moneyveo

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Course program

Series 1 - Passwords and two-factor authentication

Series 2 - Software Update and Its Importance

Series 3 - Safe use of popular messengers and their settings

Series 4 - Safe use of home Wi-Fi router

Series 5 - Backups. How to make and store

Series 6 - Encryption. Simple examples of use

Series 7 - Security of payments on the Internet

Series 8 - Social Engineering. Phishing (mail, sms) and vishing

Series 9 - Social Engineering. Phishing (websites) and baiting (throwing flash drives)

Series 10 - Careful publication of sensitive information on the Internet. OSINT

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