How to create projects in communities

Project management fundamentals: how to go from the desire to change something in the community to the successful impactful project implementation

Experts: Yaroslav Zhydyk

Find out all about the world of project management in our educational series. Each episode is a step towards implementing projects that will change your communities.

During the series, you will receive knowledge: from identifying key problems and needs to finding the best solutions, effective planning and project management.


We will cover how to collect, analyze and systematize information, conduct surveys, engage stakeholders and attract funding for your projects.

Moreover, you will learn how to properly plan projects, calculate budgets and manage project time. This knowledge will help you succeed in any role, from the public or government sector to business.

Find out how your ideas and projects can influence the development and strengthening of communities! This educational series is the first step towards creating successful, meaningful projects.


This educational series was developed at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Vplyvovi (Impactful) project, which was implemented by the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in cooperation with EasyBusiness and Center for Economic Recovery and was made possible by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the generous support of the American people through USAID HOVERLA Activity. The contents of this educational series do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

Education series
Ukrainian, English
Civil society
for active citizens, for young people, for beginners

HARD: Budgeting and cost management, Conducting expert interviews, Conducting surveys of the target audience, Decision-making on the best alternative, Digital data exchange with the team, Documentation software, Fundraising, Grant management, Identification of community problems, Identifying alternative solutions to community problems, Management of data, information and digital content, Processing and structuring research data, Project concept development, Project controlling & monitoring, Project planning, Project resources attraction, Project results measurement, Project timeline development, Project time-management, Stakeholder mapping, Work with communication tools for project promotion, Work with project management tools, Work with task management tools, Work with tools for team communication

SOFT: Communication and interaction in the digital society, External project communication, Information sources reliability checking, Project stakeholders management

Invited experts


Yaroslav Zhydyk

Project Manager at NGO "EasyBusiness"





Ukrainian Leadership Academy




Center for Economic Recovery

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