Open data advocation

What are the benefits of open data, and how to use them

Experts: Sevgil Musaieva, Kateryna Levchenko , Yanina Liubyva, +6

Where do you submit a request to get the information you need? Why is it essential to publish gender-disaggregated data in datasets? How to conduct a successful advocacy campaign and promote the idea of open data with partners? You will find answers to these and other questions in a friendly conversation format with experts. By watching eight episodes of this educational series, you will gain a thorough understanding of the potential of open data based on real-life examples from Ukrainian businesses, the government, and the public sector. You will also understand how to appeal against violations of public information holders and defend your right to access open data in court.


The educational series was created at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation for the Diia.Education platform with the support of the USAID / UK aid project "Transparency and accountability in public administration and services / TAPAS" and the Eastern Europe Foundation.

Education series
Ukrainian, English
Open data
for civil servants, for public servants, for business and entrepreneurs

HARD: Advocacy campaign planning, Analysis of stakeholders, Creating a communications strategy, Management of coalition activities, Rights protection in courts, Selecting effective communication tools, Using gender-sensitive data, Working with open data



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Episode 1. Open data 101. Benefits and opportunities for government, business and the public

In the first episode, host Sevgil Musaieva and open data expert Yanina Liubyva at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine discuss what open data is and what benefits it creates for the interaction of citizens, businesses, and the state. They reinforce the information with examples of digital services implemented based on public information registers.

Episode 2. Strategic open data communications and an advocacy campaign planning

This episode is about how to plan an advocacy campaign. Host Sevgil Musaieva and communications expert Yarema Dukh will discuss where to look for like-minded people and how to start promoting data openness. Using a successful case study, you will learn how to prevent your idea from stalling halfway to implementation.

Episode 3. Toolkit for a successful advocacy campaign

In this series, you will learn the primary tools for promoting your advocacy campaign. Host Sevgil Musaieva and Nadiia Konaschuk, Open Data Team Lead, USAID/UK aid TAPAS Project will use real-life examples to discuss finding common ground between stakeholders with different viewpoints and publicizing essential ideas.

Invited experts

Sevgil Musaieva
Ukrainian journalist from Crimea, graduate of the 2019 Nieman program at Harvard University. She currently holds the position of editor-in-chief of the online publication "Ukrainian Pravda"
Kateryna Levchenko
Government Commissioner for Gender Policy
Yanina Liubyva
Open data expert at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Nadiia Konashchuk
Open Data Team Lead, USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services / TAPAS Project





UK Aid


Eurasia Foundation


East Europe Foundation

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