Work of territorial election boards

All about the work of the territorial election commission during the elections

Experts: Olha Aivazovska

Your guide to the work of the territorial election commission in local elections. What are territorial election board (TEBs), how should the boards meetings be held, candidate registration, formation of precinct election boards, production of ballots, vote counting and determination of results.


Elections are a complicated process, but it is possible to cope with it!


The educational series was created by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the OPORA Civil Network with the support of USAID as part of the Local Monitoring of Political Processes in Ukraine Project.

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Episode 1 - What is this TEB?

In the first episode of the educational series, the heroes will explain to you the system of election boards in local elections and what is a Territorial Election Board (TEB)? You will also learn what types of TEBs exist, who forms them and when, and what their main powers are.

Episode 2 - TEB Knightly Code: rights, duties and oath

We'll consider a TEB member's legal status. You will learn about TEB membership requirements. We will also discuss the procedure for acquiring the TEB member status, taking the oath and its legal significance. You will know TEB members' rights and guarantees of their realization, we will focus on their responsibilities and analyze the grounds and procedure for terminating their powers, including those of the TB chair, deputy chair and secretary.

Episode 3 - TEB meetings as its key form of work

The key TEB's activity is its meeting. In this episode, we will discuss the features of the first meeting of the board as a collegial body, who convenes it, when, and who is entitled to attend it. The viewer will learn about the TEB's key positions, who chairs the meeting and under what conditions the TEB meeting is valid. And finally, the characters of the series will explain whether the right to attend a meeting may be revoked and the meaning of a Dissenting Opinion.

Invited experts


Olha Aivazovska

Chair of the board of the Civic Network OPORA

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