National test for digital literacy. After passing the test you will receive a certificate confirming your knowledge and skills.

⏳ ~ 30-40 min

What is it?

Digigram is an opportunity for any citizen to check their digital literacy. The beta version of Digigram offers 90 questions to answer. The test questions are systematized by fields of knowledge of the European framework of digital competencies for citizens — DigComp 2.1., adapted by Ukrainian experts.

More about the methodology

What questions await you?


Basics of computer literacy

  • Working with computers and mobile devices
  • Apps and application software usage
  • Internet and online-apps usage

Information literacy, ability to work with data

  • View, search and filter of data
  • Critical assessment and interpretation of data
  • Verifying the credibility of information sources

Digital content creation

  • Editing and integration of digital content
  • Copyright and licenses
  • Basic programming skills

Communication and cooperation in the digital society

  • Content distribution and data exchange using digital technologies
  • Communication in the digital environment
  • Netiquette

Security in the digital environment

  • Device protection and secure Internet connection
  • Protection of personal data and privacy
  • Protection against fraud and manipulation

Problem solving in the digital environment and lifelong learning

  • Searching information and services to solving technical problems
  • Using Internet resources for learning, professional development and self-development

Why do you need it?

Use the certificate on job search websites. Confirmation of a high level of digital literacy will strengthen your CV and increase your chances of employment.

Shall we start?

You will need to log in to the platform before taking the test. This is required so that you can save your results and get a certificate

⏳ ~ 30-40 min

Digigram 2.0 for citizens

Digigram for teachers

Digigram 1.0 for citizens

Digigram for civil servants

Digigram for medical workers

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