What is updated informatics?

It is not only about computers but also about information and what people do with information and data using computers. It is about developing students' creativity and critical thinking. Ultimately, it's a different approach to learning, with a strong focus on practice and applying skills in real-world situations

Interesting and exciting computer science

Why is this important?

Technology is changing, transforming all areas of human life.

With this in mind, the educational process needs to be flexible, adaptive, and open to new things. In computer science classes, children should not just learn what a system unit and monitor are. It is important to teach children how to use the Internet to develop, analyze, and evaluate. Students should learn how to create a digital product.

This will help them to acquire and deepen knowledge on their own, i.e. to get used to lifelong learning

Mykhailo Fedorov

“I believe that the updated computer science lessons will be one of the first steps to help students enter IT with confidence. I want them to be interested in learning, using the Internet for their own development and achieving goals. And later, to create world-famous products,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology – Minister for Digital Transformation

Valeriya Ionan

"We will train not 'users' but 'creators of digital content'. We want every student to be able to create digital environments and digital content. This will help them develop, acquire and deepen their knowledge. That is why the updated computer science is called IT-studios," said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for Eurointegration

Dmytro Zavgorodnii

"IT studios is a unique case for us. Experts from IT education, IT industry of Ukraine, and international experts were involved in the creation and improvement of educational resources in computer science. Over 70 teachers and more than 3000 students of 50 Ukrainian schools have tested the educational resources of "Updated Informatics - IT Studios" to make this project as high-quality and interesting for children as possible," - Zavgorodnii Dmytro, Deputy Minister of Education and Science

Maria Gaston Betran

"Thanks to IT studios, students graduating from general secondary education institutions can count on a high-quality computer science foundation necessary in today's digital world. To achieve this strategic goal, our project engages the best Ukrainian and European IT experts to create quality content for students in grades 1-12," said Maria Gaston Betran, Technical Institutional Coordinator of the EU4DigitalUA project FIIAPP

How are the new educational resources structured?

The content areas of the updated computer science course include digital literacy, media creativity, computational thinking and programming, data analysis and modeling, and digital citizenship.


Educational materials are developed in accordance with the standards and conceptual framework of the New Ukrainian School.

Stages of the project


Establishment of a project office, development of resources, selection of educational institutions, and training


Launch of the pilot project in 50 general secondary education institutions in September 2022


Analysis of interim results of the pilot project and improvement of prepared resources

Scaling up

Scaling up the project to all general secondary education institutions in September 2023

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine





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Kharkiv IT Cluster


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Odesa IT Family

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